No matter how speak to your Child about Sex

Gauge Readiness

No one knows your child better than you so you’ll probably know when or if your child is ready for the talk. Remembering what things were like for me at his age, I chose that time having noticed his mind was processing things fast. And flashing back on some not-too-good childhood memories, I had to arm my son with proper information. Remember that some kids are more mature than others at the same age so put that into consideration when handling different children. Tip: if your child asks you questions about sex, he/she is ready for a talk based on his/her maturity level.

Prepare Yourself

You must prepare yourself, whether you are ready to have the talk or not, because sometimes, it will just sneak up on you. Do some research online, read books, talk with other parents, and consult with your son’s pediatrician and clergy. Just seek out information and wisdom from the best possible sources. This will give you some level of confidence that will help you get the job done.

Remove Distractions

Take away every distraction possible. Having the discussion away from other children, playing TV set etc is great. Just ensure you create an environment that tells your child it’s important yet fosters openness.