No matter how speak to your Child about Sex

Be Open and Honest

Despite how uncomfortable it was, I had to speak honestly about puberty, birth, pregnancy, and sex. I’ve figured kids are most times more sophisticated than we applaud them for. We usually don’t want to talk about sex because we think they won’t be able to handle it. While at it, I discovered he was a bit stunned or shocked sometimes but handled it well. I told him about the dangers of sexual abuse too and taught him about being protected. This openness tells them they can discuss anything with you, even sex related embarrassments.

Ask for Questions and Feedback

I asked my son if he had any questions. He had a thousand! I answered each one patiently also asking him if he knew any of those information prior to our conversation. Yes he had some…from the conversations the kids had on the school bus. I corrected the misinformation he had received, asking him to meet me whenever he needed the truth. I also gave him a book to read to help him (change the misinformation).

Let Your Child Know That You Are Available

I informed my boy he could always comeback whenever he had questions on sex. Please be sure to honor this promise. Turning him away will only break the bond of trust.