Enjoy your adolescence: Don’t fear to grow up


Love yourself as an adult, don’t get scared

Growing both physically and emotionally is equally important. It is just natural to grow up physically. What about becoming emotionally? Let’s see
However, keep in mind that physical and emotional growths are quite different to each other. People grow physically but still be immature emotionally. In this article, we will discuss growth from both perspectives. Growing up is energetic and enthusiastic with the whole new sky of opportunities for yourself. It’s not about fearing up and wasting the most thrilling time of your life. Responsibilities can be enjoyable too; all you need is to change the focus of your mindset. That’s how life with dignity is.
The time you spend with yourself or with your closed ones is priceless. If you get too busy to earn more and more, you will never feel contented. Learn the art of satisfaction and learning for bringing up a better you.

Fear of Growth

Before digging into the details, let’s have a look why people are so much afraid to grow up. Well with growth comes adolescence and with youth come greater responsibilities, commitments and obligations to face life. When we are young, we are fearless, energetic, and we can love ourselves the most. As we grow up, our emotional and physical states changes and fear of the unknown comes up. Studies have shown that some unresolved childhood sufferings or lack of early age guidance and love may lead to this state. Fear of known, unknown. We are all aware that we are growing each day, but yet we all don’t notice in our daily routines.


Changing Behaviors

As we grow up, we are believed to behave differently, might be somewhere diplomatic and somewhere straight forward. We have to learn the art of speaking. Cooking, driving, paying your bills, standing with your opinion in particular matters, looking for a good job and after that managing relationships and lots more to do. Some people deny looking into the eyes of life and choose to behave emotionally as a child. Well, this issue needs an authentic and intelligent focus to resolve. The frame of reference must be changed to live energetically. Change is inevitable, and it’s natural to change. You just need to accept the change and rest is a pancake.


Prosperity and enjoyment

Don’t be scared of growing up at all. In fact being an adult, gives you more chances to prosper and enjoy life more and more. It gives you the energy to look for your future with an open mind and eyes and decides for you. This behavior is called being proactive, and it’s the utmost requirement to get successful in life. Life is not stagnant, nature is not and the world is not. Then why you choose yourself to be stagnant. Learn to experiment, as you get little time spend some time with people you loved unconditionally, do something for yourself each day.


Managing with growing relationships

With the passage of team as the child grow up and become an adult, his relationship to his parent’s changes. There comes a time when apparently the relationship with parents start lagging behind, and you have to make new ones. Is this really a terrible problem at all? No. It’s not like that. If you look deep inside your heart, you still love your parents a lot, and they too love you a lot. Adolescence comes in stages; it does not come all of a sudden. So with each upcoming day, you need to redefine your ways of living and maintaining relationships. Spend some quality time with your parents more often and it should not be simple Hello! How are you type things at all? Finding mutual interests for it or just taking little pieces of experience from their lives can help you to decide better for your lives. Talk more often, even if it is 5-10 minutes of the call. You will feel connected and so they do.


Job as a learning experience

Most people as they start their job as a full-time activity finds it difficult over time to stay motivated and have fun meanwhile. You have deadlines, have to mess up with your freaky boss (might be you have one), tackle the diplomacy and work politics, and can have more work to do. These entire phenomenon’s, more or less are same to each person at the job, It is quite reasonable. As a matter of fact, your job can be fun too. How? Well, the simple principal to enjoy life well is to make it a way of learning. You can learn each and every day equally and some days is more triggering too.


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