8 unbelievable facts about beautiful Dakota Fanning

8 Unbelievable facts about beautiful Dakota Fanning


22 Year old Dakota Fanning has appeared in movies like I am Sam (2001), Man on Fire (2004) as child actor and Caroline (2009), The Runaways (2010) and The Twilight Saga as an adult role oriented movie star. She has also modeled for various magazines like Elle, Vanity Fair and along with her sister Elle Fanning, she is considered as one of the brightest young talents in Hollywood. Here are 8 awesome facts about the beautiful Dakota Fanning.

1 Her real name

Dakota Fanning is actually the actress’s screen name. Her real name is actually Hannah Dakota Fanning and she chooses to go by her middle name appearing in movies. Her sister Ella Fanning also goes by her middle name. Her real name is Mary Ella Fanning.

Dakota Fanning real name

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2 Nomination for an award

She acted alongside Sean Penn in a movie about a mentally challenged father trying to raise her daughter on his own. The movie I am Sam garnered hugely positive reviews and got Sean Penn Academy award nomination for Best actor. Dakota Fanning also received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, making her the youngest actor to do so at 7 years of age.

Nomination for an award

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3 First award win

Dakota Fanning received her first award with best young actress award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. She was presented the award by Orlando Bloom and he had to pick Fanning up so that she could give her thank you speech as she was too short for the microphone on the podium.

First award win

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4 BFFs with another famous actress

Dakota Fanning is best friends with her Twilight series co-star Kirsten Stewart. Stewart who herself is one of the best and leading actresses in the Hollywood, gained fame from the Twilight series of movies which shows rivalry between vampires and werewolves with Stewart as the common human denominator.

BFFs with another famous actress

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5 Appeared in one of the biggest TV shows

You might know a little TV show by the name of FRIENDS. The TV sitcom featuring Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc as six friends who go through ups and downs in their lives, but stay together always and are there for one another. The show ranks at no.2 in the list of the greatest sitcoms behind Seinfeld. Dakota Fanning appeared in the last season in 2004 in the episode “The One With Princess Consuela” and impressed all of the actors and viewers alike.

Matthew Perry

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6 Controversy

Dakota Fanning featured in 2006’s Hounddog which was described as the story of sex, violence and abuse in rural South. A scene in which the Fanning’s character is raped courted major controversy as viewers and critics criticized her parents for allowing her to film such a scene in the first place.


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7 Home coming queen

Fanning graduated from Campbell Hall School in June of 2011. She was the part of the school’s cheerleading team and was also named the home coming queen. She further decided to pursue studies in New York University and said “I’m not going to school for a career. I’m going for my own interest, for myself. I already know what I want to do forever.”

Home coming queen

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8 Start of acting career

Her acting career started at the age of 5 when she was enrolled in a local acting workshop by her mother. Fanning could read by the age of 2 and her first acting job was a commercial for clothes detergent Tide.

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