8 Unbelievably unknown facts about Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson

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2 Only actress to grace the Playboy covers for the maximum times

Playboy magazine used to be one of the most coveted magazines for any teenage boy everywhere in the world. The magazine was one of the pinnacles for all the new and upcoming models and whichever model was featured on the cover of the magazine, became a known model in coming times. Pamela Anderson graced the covers of the magazine a record 15 times, including her first nude photoshoot in 2004.

Playboy covers
Image Source: www.magzus.com

3 Was supposed to feature in X-Files

We all know X-Files, the science fiction show which featured Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as investigators. But very few people know that Pamela Anderson was the first choice actress to play agent Scully. As stated by Gillian, “They were looking for someone, bustier, taller, leggier than me.” Eventually Gillian got the role and made the character memorable.

Image Source: www.therobotsvoice.com

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