8 Unbelievably unknown facts about Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson

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4 She named her breasts

Pamela Anderson is known for her image of an overly se*ualized page three star and model that is often pictured and known mainly for her big breasts. Though she has had multiple surgeries to increase and reduce the size of her breasts, she has gone ahead and also named her breasts. She named the right breast Pancho and the left one Lefty.

Pamela Anderson
Image Source: www.diply.com

5 She is candid about her se*-tape

Pamela Anderson is one of the few celebrities who have acknowledge their se* tapes and have made no qualms about having them leaked or selling them to adult movie companies. She even told her kids about the tape so that they don’t get shocked or amazed when they find about it at school or somewhere else. She said, ‘Look, Mummy and Daddy were massively in love, we videotaped everything, everything was videotaped, and you’re probably going hear about something at school’.”

pamela anderson tape
Image Source: www.sportschump.net

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