8 Unbelievably unknown facts about Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson

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6 Became famous for Baywatch

Pamela Anderson became famous for her role as lifeguard C.J.Parker. She debuted on the show in 1992 and remained on the show for five seasons till 1997 making her the longest serving cast members. Everyone remembers her running and prancing on the beach in that iconic red bikini.

Became famous for Baywatch
Image Source: www.glamour.com

7 Wants people to not watch po*n

Anderson is arguably one of the biggest bombshells of 90s and even now is considered as one of the biggest se* symbols of America recently wrote in her Wall Street Journal column that people should refrain from watching po*n. She says, “‘Po*n is for losers, it’s for people who are ‘too lazy to reap the rewards of healthy se*uality.”

Anderson on the beach
Image Source: www.diply.com

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