What is your take on life? How 12 famous personalities do things differently for success

What Is Your Take On Life?? How 12 Famous Personalities Do Things Differently For Success.

2 Listen To Your Heart

According to Vladimir Putin, you should believe in your emotions and not avoid them. Follow your heart and do the things you’d like to do in life. Putin loves karate, he freed wild animals and even likes racing in Formula One. Putin believes in his own convictions even if it makes him a lonely man.

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3 Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

When Sachin Tendulkar took over the Indian captaincy in 1996, the India team was performing extremely poorly and he was subsequently removed from the position in 1997. Did he get affected by the failure? No he picked himself up and did what he does best, become the world’s greatest batsman.

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4 One Step at a Time

Robert De Niro was a perfectionist and did not believe in multitasking roles. He would dedicate five years to a single role if he had to. The most profound example of a true actor is his role in Taxi Driver which made the line famous “you talking to me’!!!

Robert De Niro
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