What is your take on life? How 12 famous personalities do things differently for success

What Is Your Take On Life?? How 12 Famous Personalities Do Things Differently For Success.

5 Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat

In 1992, Ricky Ponting requested authorities to allow him to stay back and watch Sachin Tendulkar at the nets. He stood behind the practice nets watching Tendulkar bat. “I wanted to see Sachin Tendulkar who everyone was talking about, and I took up a position behind the nets while he had a bat. It’s fair to say I was going to watch him bat for a long time to come, but that day I was studying his technique, trying to see what it was about him,”

Ricky Ponting quotes
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6 Only Those Who See Beauty Take Off Their Shoes

The Kite runner made Author Khalid Hosseini a household’s name. With a Thousand splendid suns, he cemented his name in literary history as an author whose works were transformational in the element of personal thought.

Author Khalid Hosseini
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7 Dare to Dream

Steven Spielberg dared to dream and his dreams manifested into the most iconic movies of all time.

Steven Spielberg
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