10 Of the most hypochondriac celebrities in Hollywood

10 Of the most hypochondriac celebrities in Hollywood

6 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is the star of hit films like the X-Men and Wolverine and also a noted skin cancer survivor. He had a scare with skin cancer some time back and since recovering from it, his social media accounts are filled with advice and links of skin cancer related material. Looks like the hypochondriac bug has bitten him also and his constant worrying over his health and not heeding to the advice from his medical team has become a media drama of sorts.

Hugh Jackman
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7 Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was supposed to be the next big thing in the Hollywood after the dizzying heights of Dirty Dancing. Public took to her image as a sultry dancer and actress was going to have a stellar career, this until she decided to have surgery to fix her nose, which she thought was going to become an obstacle between her and her career. Unfortunately, when she came back from the surgery, she was unrecognizable to her fans and her career fizzled out. She then made a comeback on Dancing with the Stars where she had a supposed cancer scare and then a back injury, confirming the news that she was also another hypochondriac obsessing over her health rather than her career.

Jennifer Grey
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