Malaysian locals believe tourist’s Naked photo-shoot is the reason behind recent major Earthquake


Scared mountains of Malaysia curse Locals by Calling Earthquakes

The Sacred Mountain

Mount Kinabalu is Southeast Asia’s highest peak with an altitude of 13,435 feet and is an attraction for tourists all around the world. The site is considered sacred by the local Sabahans and also has a protected status in the national park and is UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Each year a huge number of tourists visit the majestic mountain but something strange happened this time.

Mount Kinabalu

A major earthquake hit just four days after naked pictures of ten holidaymakers at Mount Kinabalu, located at Borneo Island, appeared on the internet. The photos were shot on May 10 and they are also accused of urinating on the mountain further adding substance to the drama. As a result of the earthquake, 130 climbers got trapped at the mountain. The locals believe that the earthquake is a consequence of those naked pictures and tourist’s inappropriate and inhuman behavior.


The furious Mountain Spirits

According to the Malaysian media, the locals believe the magnitude 6 earthquake struck because the mountain spirits were furious over the nasty photo-shoot of tourists which took place high above the clouds. The photos of tourist’s stripping on the mountains also caused outrage in Malaysia which is a country with quite modest beliefs. The tour guide, however, told that those people broke away from the group and didn’t listen to his requests for putting their clothes back on.

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According to the Malay Mail, the tourist group consisted of ten people including both males and females. Among them, all men were completely naked and the women were either naked too or at least were topless. Although the photos were taken on May 10, they didn’t start appearing on the social media until Saturday. It is believed that there were two Dutch, two Canadians and a German tourist among the group who called the tour guide, escorting 27 tourists, stupid and told him to “go-to-hell”.

Local’s reaction

The reaction of Malaysian locals was furious and they protested on the social media for this inappropriate behavior and urged officials to make sure this kind of behavior is strictly dealt with. After identifying 5 of the 10 tourists, park officials have handed over their information to the police for further investigation.

While we don’t really know the reasons, this trend of nude photography is not something new as it also happened at places like Peru’s Machu Picchu and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. But his one is the latest example of such act and people here are really not happy with it.


The recent earthquake struck near Ranau and left about 130 climbers stuck on the Mount Kinabalu with some rumors of two fatalities. Sabah’s fire and Rescue spokesperson told Reuters that climbers stuck on the mountains are from 16 different countries including 117 from Malaysia, 38 from Singapore, 5 from America,4 from Netherland, 3 from UK and 2 each from Australia and France. The tourist’s got stuck because of a minor landslide has cut-off the normal route to the mountain and difficulties are being faced to reach and rescue them.

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