9 Things you’ll never understand until you’re over thirty

9 Things you’ll never understand until you’re over thirty


Crossing thirty is the time when you finally start understanding the meaning of the word Nostalgia. Life takes a new turn robbing you of all the carefree moments you once shared. Instead in its place are commitments and responsibility both to yourself and family. For some that’s a nightmare and for many that’s well LIFE!! But though you embrace it, wouldn’t you give anything to be below thirty again?

How well do you relate to all of the scenes and situations showing you the comparisons of life before and after thirty?

1 Texting what it was before and after 30

The romance is still there. He still does things for you except it’s with a shopping bag. Love means groceries, stores and grilled cheese. For you it may mean well no texts at all.

Texting before and after 30

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2 Breakfast before 30

Was there anything other than coffee you could think of? Remember when you just rushed off without even having breakfast or ate all the wrong stuff like a bag of chips for breakfast? But what about now after thirty?

Breakfast before 30

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Breakfast after 30

So now you’re concerned about your health and breakfast is important with cereal and porridge, hence the fiber.

Breakfast after 30

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3 Dating before 30

When you have doubts just swipe to another pic as you have so many choices

Dating before 30

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Dating after 30

There’s no one?? Maybe your standards are a notch higher than before aren’t they?

Dating after 30

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4 Before 30, Friday was party time

Before 30 your Fridays at home lasted only till 10pm after which it was fast forward mode out of the house. But now over 30, you’re so dog tired you finally know what TGIF means.

Before 30, Friday was party time

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5 How you FB before 30

You’re tagged in almost every dru*ken soiree the night before and you could do nothing else except switch your account to private before your co workers got a whiff of you and send you requests.

How you FB before 30

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How you FB after 30

You accepted Grand dads request, your nanas request , your aunties and uncles not forgetting the abundance of babies suddenly appearing out of nowhere on your timeline.

How you FB after 30

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6 That’s your metabolism before 30

Clogged arteries? Whats that? Lol!!

metabolism before 30

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That’s your metabolism after 30

Oh well, at least you made the effort

metabolism after 30

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7 Look at your shoes before 30

Now isn’t that a scream. Your feet don’t even care about the pain it faces from a torture device such as those stilettos.

Look at your shoes before 30

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Look at your shoes after 30

Its time you were concerned about the Ortho side of life now right?? Taking care of your metatarsals which you read on the web is now a priority. You wear shoes that look like little kittens clinging to your feet but you’re wearing them at home, so it’s ok we guess.

Look at your shoes after 30

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8 Who wouldn’t give for this hangover before 30?

Come Sunday morning and you’re like HUH..? DUH…H..What the…who cares….ZZZ. Monday morning you have amnesia.

hangover before 30

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Your hangovers after 30

An ordeal getting out of bed

angovers after 30

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9 You wouldn’t think of committing before 30

Terrifying thought, help!!

committing before 30

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Commitment after 30

Please never never never leave me go!! Well that’s life before and after thirty for you.

Commitment after 30

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