Top ten reasons you should NOT ever get a job

2. Job puts a barrier on your experiences

It’s funny people saying you should gain job skills for career growth. It’s like saying you should drive to learn driving. Everything we do is an experience and chances are they are going to be more thought provocative than what you do in your office. The problem with a job is that after your initial excitement of learning is over and you keep repeating yourself, you stagnate! And the real issue with job experiences is that they become obsolete over time. So choose if you want to stagnate to open yourself to some real experiences and learning.


3. Don’t be a pet!

It’s all about being subservient to a master (often systems) and making his dreams come true. Where are your dreams, don’t you have any? If you do have some dreams then just wake up and do something to turn them into reality. Just don’t domesticate yourself in corporate domestication programs.

Where are your dreams

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