Top ten reasons you should NOT ever get a job

4. You still don’t earn as much as you think you do

Thanks to the tax rates that you willfully forfeit about half of the money you get by trading your time. Employers know that for sure and have appropriate arrangements in place to ensure the tax they have to pay is also going from your pay. You might think that your company is paying for the benefits you get but think again. You pay for them, and they calculated everything from building’s rent to cleaning services before even hiring you. It’s so generous of you to work for them for just a fraction of what you should be getting.

You still don’t earn as much as you think you do

5. Future insecurity and uncertainty

Job security and career growth, these words are so opposite to the truth it’s like the opposite poles. Just two words can shatter the whole dream of your job security in an instant; “You’re Fired”. And it isn’t necessary to have a sound rationale for those two words. They can just be uttered anytime anywhere and can put an end to your glorious career.

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