Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don’t tolerate

Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don't tolerate

3 Jogging along the same job

For many people security is the most important thing which causes them to remain in the same job although there seems to be no opportunity for career growth. If the present job is draining you due to lack of motivation and nil incentives, it is time to move on and look for a new one. After all, you spend a major part of your life at work, might as well choose one that gratifies you professionally and emotionally.

Jogging along the same job
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Disregarding Health:

In order to live an enriching life, you must be in the pink of health. Ignoring your health can lead to severe complications in your life. Possessing bad health can hinder your mental and professional progress. After all an ill body crying out for attention cannot allow you to give your best to life. Self-respecting people take good care of their health as they do not want to be a problem for themselves and others.

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