Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don't tolerate

Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don’t tolerate


It is said that life is the best teacher and it is the absolute truth. As we sail along life, a host of experiences lead to awakenings and it is only then that one gets elevated to a level of understanding life in totality. A lot of adjustments have to be made and many truths accepted. Now, this calls for a very high level of commitment. Being consistent on this path is the key to understand and eliminate toxic people from your life. Here we uncover a few toxic behaviours that self respecting people should never tolerate.

1 A few Examples of toxic behaviour that self respecting people must not tolerate

Validating opinions: When you try to convince others and look at garnering their nod in all your decisions, your self-esteem and self-worth take a beating rendering you to be a people pleaser. You should have the confidence to follow your own opinion without waiting for approval from others at all times. It takes a lot of courage to follow your own heart.

Pessimistic Outlook towards Life:

It is no hidden truth that a pessimistic outlook towards yourself and life can make you depressed. When you feel good about yourself, your self-esteem rises making you feel positive. As you begin to feel positive, you attract better prospects and rewards. You relate better with others and carve happy relationships.

Examples of toxic behaviour

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2 Not Leaving Comfort Zones

You can only learn and evolve when you step out of your comfort zone. Familiar surroundings and situations cannot challenge you enough to bring out the best in you. Even though it may seem uncomfortable in the beginning, it will settle in eventually. Progress is possible only when you embrace challenges.

Conforming to others:

When your only objective is to copy or emulate the ideals of others, it can do nothing to promote your self-growth. It is of paramount importance to carve your own unique path and tread on it. When you begin to trust your decisions and intuitions, you get comfortable with yourself, which aids in your growth.

Conforming to others

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3 Jogging along the same job

For many people security is the most important thing which causes them to remain in the same job although there seems to be no opportunity for career growth. If the present job is draining you due to lack of motivation and nil incentives, it is time to move on and look for a new one. After all, you spend a major part of your life at work, might as well choose one that gratifies you professionally and emotionally.

Jogging along the same job

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Disregarding Health:

In order to live an enriching life, you must be in the pink of health. Ignoring your health can lead to severe complications in your life. Possessing bad health can hinder your mental and professional progress. After all an ill body crying out for attention cannot allow you to give your best to life. Self-respecting people take good care of their health as they do not want to be a problem for themselves and others.

4 Staying In Toxic relationships

When one person tries to dominate the other in a relationship without caring for the feelings of the other person, the submissive person can be said to be living in a toxic relationship. Dominance, controlling and manipulative behaviour, violence and the like dominate the relationship. No self-respecting person will allow this to happen to him. He would rather break away and start afresh.

Being Inert and slothful:

With the advent of technology it has become easier to get work done in a short time. The self-respecting person does not take short cuts to life; rather he takes the long route and does things in a systematic way. He does not shy away from hard work.

Staying In Toxic relationships

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5 Being dejected and woebegone

When one does not value himself, he tends to accept his life the way it is and does not strive to make it better. He accepts his drudgery and continues to wallow in self-pity. A self-respecting person understands his worth and value. He gives his best in all his endeavours and goes all out to achieve his goals. He dreams big and works hard to realise it.

Your life is in your hands. It is you who has to work towards creating a fulfilling life for yourself. When you become responsible for your happiness, you do all in your power to realise it. Now that you know what it takes to be a happy and successful person, take that step today and give it all you got.

Being dejected and woebegone

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