Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don’t tolerate

Toxic Behaviours self respecting people don't tolerate

5 Being dejected and woebegone

When one does not value himself, he tends to accept his life the way it is and does not strive to make it better. He accepts his drudgery and continues to wallow in self-pity. A self-respecting person understands his worth and value. He gives his best in all his endeavours and goes all out to achieve his goals. He dreams big and works hard to realise it.

Your life is in your hands. It is you who has to work towards creating a fulfilling life for yourself. When you become responsible for your happiness, you do all in your power to realise it. Now that you know what it takes to be a happy and successful person, take that step today and give it all you got.

Being dejected and woebegone
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