You will be surprised, but these interview questions are illegal


A hiring firm has right to ask a different question before hiring an employee. But, so you know, some questions are illegal to ask during an interview.

All of the companies want to hire best of all. They want to know, either someone is a good fit for them or not. They have right to ask the different question before hiring an employee. But, so you know, some questions are illegal to ask during an interview.
It is imperative for a firm to know about its employee because, if someone is joining a high, he would be playing a vital role in the progress of a company. A company asks different standard questions to a person to get the best employee for securing company’s profit. But, questions about race, religion, age, pregnancy, etc. are not legal to ask during an interview. A famous writer Peter K. Studner, who have written the book named Super Job Search IV: The Complete Manual for Job-Seekers and Changers describes that sometimes it happens, people (interviewers and interviewer) do not know that they have crossed a line of respect The interviewer asks the questions that are illegal.
If you are seeking for a job, you should know what the illegal questions are. Here is a short list of issues that are technically illegal to ask in an interview.

Question about Marital Status

It is simply not legal to ask a candidate’s marital status during an interview. The interviewer should not ask about the engagement, marriage or children. If a manager asks you such question, he might be trying to make a pleasant environment, but technically, he is not supposed to ask such a question. If he asks so, a candidate is not restricted to disclose any of his personal information in front of him. So, always remember, you are not bounded to give the answer to this question. It is considered to be among the protected class.

Marital Status

It is simply not legal to ask a candidate’s marital status

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What is your age?

It is a company’s right to ask you this question if you look so younger than your real age. Everywhere almost all business seeking their employees to be more than 18-year-old, and it is perfectly fine to ask this question to a candidate. But it is illegal to ask this matter to a mature looking person. According to law, it is problematic to ask this issue because it discriminate people against other over 40. If an interviewer asks this question to you, then do not feel shy to skip this question. Assume that, if someone is asking you about your age, he should have seen it on your resume.


But it is illegal to ask this matter to a mature looking person (Image Source Photo Bucket )

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In which year you did graduation?

Well, this is another way to know about candidate’s age. Yes, everyone knows this simple mathematics. An interviewer should have seen this on your resume. Studner has given a neat trick for this. He says if the interviewer ask you this question and forces you to reply, just tell him the date and ask if this is an appropriate question to ask?
Ask yourself, if you want to join a company that distinguishes you from the base of your age? Perhaps, you should try to look for more jobs. Such questions clarify the nature of a business’s management thinking and maturity level.


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What is your religion?

This is an awkward question to ask during an interview. In fact, it is illegal to ask this matter to your candidate during an interview process. Studner suggests that an applicant should respond firmly but politely. He should say that I do not want to disclose my personal information, but I make sure that my religion will not affect my job. Religion is a private matter. It should not be discussed in an interview. Another question that is illegal in this category is that either someone wants religious holidays or not. It is another way to get know about candidate’s religion.

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Have you ever been arrested for some reason?

Technically, if an interviewer asks you this question, this is not illegal. What makes it illegal is that if a hiring manager searches for your arrest record somehow. He cannot do any independent research on your criminal record either those are available online or not. A company should not ask about your background. If it does so, you should voluntarily give information about yourself. But, sometimes, it gets essential to ask this question if a candidate has convicted any crime.


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Where do you belong?

This is another awkward question to ask. This is nationality discrimination and is illegal. Once you obtained a work permit from the authority, you can work in your desired location. They can ask you that either English is your first language or not. In fact, they even are not supposed to ask about your mother tongue. They also are not allowed to dig for your country location and place of birth. If an interviewer asks so, you have right to decline this question. You can simply say that if this is a relevant question or “am I supposed to answer this question?


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