This Fish is threatening Australia , Reason will Surprise you

Capable of harming native species, the climbing perch which can survive on dry land for six days has been discovered on its way to Australia.


The climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) was first found in southeast Asia about 40 years ago. It’s devastating effects on Papua, New Guinea and Indonesia had lasted for too long without any proper solution; now it’s making its way to Australia. Scientists first found this on an expedition to Boigu and Saibai islands, four and six kilometers away from Papua New Guinea mainland respectively. They observed the fish in salt water holes and this caught their attention. According to them, the trip was at the end of the dry season when the saltiness of wetlands is twice as much, and the climbing perch still survived.

climbing fish
The climbing perch can survive for up to six days without water

You never knew this About Australia- No. 5 is shocking

Why Australia is the Craziest place on Earth? Find it NOW

To many the title isn’t much of a surprise who know Australia is a country founded by prisoners and a whole continent that remained isolated from the rest of the world for more than forty million years. There are many things to prove Australia is the craziest place on earth, but we shall cover some of them which should be enough to prove the point.

1. You might have come across the headline that shows a man attached by a crocodile and escaped by wrestling and poking the crocodile in his eyes. Afterwards, he drank beer as the available first aid. Now Australian crocodiles are not the average ones you see in pictures. They are huge and known to attack people. They become more problematic when they leave their natural habitat and clash with humans. When they do so they usually get killed as their presence becomes a real threat to humans.

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2. With an average wing span of more than three feet, Australia is also home to another creepy animal known as flying fox. Technically it’s a MegaBat but its huge size has earned him the title of a fox. Someone from outside Australia might get frightened after seeing this creature at first. What makes them crazier is the fact that they are not limited to wildernesses instead they roam freely in skies of modern cities like Sydney.

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