Sleeping together on the same bed is not an Ingredient for a Successful Marriage

Some people feel that sleeping together helps improve closeness but ….

Most married couples have already reached an agreement when it comes to sharing the matrimonial bed with each other. They are of the opinion that it helps improve closeness but reduces passion. They also feel that it increases the rate of intimacy but does no good to the amount of sleep one gets.

Isabel Hutton authored a book named ‘Sexual Technique in Marriage’ in 1932. In this book, she explained that it was imperative for newly married couples to sleep in different beds. She said this was necessary so that both of them would be introduced to rudiments of marriage in a gradual process. Also, the authors of ‘Marriage Book’, Stephen Adler and Lisa Grunwald who happen to be a typical example of modern married couples spoke with Caroline Modarressy of HuffPost. They talked about their opinion of the culture of bed sharing. They said that different opinions of bed sharing amongst newlyweds cannot be ascertained to be right or wrong. They felt that these opinion doesn’t necessarily translate to a happy marriage.

Most married couples have already reached an agreement when it comes to sharing the matrimonial bed with each other

Old Age Love and Romance

Old Age Love and Romance

Love is one major among the widely used, misunderstood, and wrongly interpreted human emotions. Human beings fall in love with virtually everything that exists under this globe. Love emotionally exists between any two bodies and/or objects- between a parent and his/her child; male and female; two brothers or sisters; with nature; with animals; with profession; and so on.old-people-545232_640

Love bears different meanings to different people depending on maturity and/or age. At times it is interpreted to be any of: care, respect, admiring, understanding, faithfulness, adjusting and compromising, trust, romance, celebration, hug, kiss, sex, having kids, facing challenges, growing and living together, etc.

This write-up shall be making us to understand what old age love and romance really mean between a man and a woman emphasising more on its importance. Have a happy digest…