There are too many men who are just at a loss when it comes to romance and guess what?

There are too many men who are just at a loss when it comes to romance and guess what? You don’t have to be Don Juan to be romantic. So many men think women interpret romance the way they – men – would and that’s crazy. Hey guys what you’re thinking may just be wrong, so here’s a hint for you: Anything you do that makes her think you are thinking of her should do! Yes, show her you are or were thinking of her. A study by Hertfordshire University discovered that women ranked the little gestures as quite romantic, as it meant their men were thinking of them. Grand gestures liking handing her tickets to the SUPER BOWL or a trip to Paris are great but what make the biggest impact are the small gestures.

Here’s what different women said in an informal survey of those who read my blog. Men take note because these also verify the finding as accurate.

Romantic Couple
  • Jewellery and flowers are nice but the little things like cleaning up after me when I cook, getting up with the boys early so I can steal a few more minutes of sleep, are the really romantic things to me – Jenni Williams.
  • For me, it’s the simple things in life that are romantic. Things like watching him cook me a meal while I sit at the Island or counter, cooking together or getting a simple card from him just to make me know he’s been thinking about me. – Club cushions

Old Age Love and Romance

Old Age Love and Romance

Love is one major among the widely used, misunderstood, and wrongly interpreted human emotions. Human beings fall in love with virtually everything that exists under this globe. Love emotionally exists between any two bodies and/or objects- between a parent and his/her child; male and female; two brothers or sisters; with nature; with animals; with profession; and so on.old-people-545232_640

Love bears different meanings to different people depending on maturity and/or age. At times it is interpreted to be any of: care, respect, admiring, understanding, faithfulness, adjusting and compromising, trust, romance, celebration, hug, kiss, sex, having kids, facing challenges, growing and living together, etc.

This write-up shall be making us to understand what old age love and romance really mean between a man and a woman emphasising more on its importance. Have a happy digest…