No matter how speak to your Child about Sex

You must prepare yourself, whether you are ready to have the talk about sex or not

Although I knew having “The Talk” with my son who’s 9 years old was necessary, I must admit I wasn’t thrilled to do it. Fact is, I cannot be with him all the time even though I try to protect him from whatever content I deem inappropriate. There will be lots of exposures prompting questions – from TV commercials to kids at school talking and billboards (seems like the strip clubs have unlimited advertising funds). And when you have a very inquisitive son like mine whose mind had already started processing the information, there’s no running away. Explaining a three hour erection to a 9 year old! That’s definitely not pleasant.

Having these influences around, I couldn’t wait any more to have the sex talk with my son. The sex talk most of us received from our parents, if we ever did, wasn’t ideal. My mom only signed the permission slip for me to attend the sex education class in 5th grade. Discussing the topic wasn’t comfortable for her, being the single mother of a boy but while leaving for college, she broke down and had a ‘chat.’

It went something like this: “you are about an adult now son, make sure to have a condom on always and be responsible”

Me: “yes mom”

She: “just call your uncles if there’s any questions”

Me: “ok”…not wanting to tell her of the crazy sex advice they had already given me.

We should control and have these discussions sooner and frequently. I have had success using the following tips but I’m no expert at delivering ‘ the talk’ though. The 7 tips are: