31 Lessons we must teach our Children

Here are the lessons that every child needs to be taught for building a strong character:

1. Fearing God should be the number 1 priority

2. Obedience of law, authority and parents

3. Friendships are the most precious gift

4. To be truly in love with God, not just his doctrine or principles or practices

5. Be compassionate about poor and orphans and do whatever they can to help them

6. Have concrete belief in God

7. Serving is the real strength, being served is not

8. A clean conscience and moral purity liberate the soul

9. Motivating people without using or manipulating them

10. Learn to accept and handle failures

11. Never make a promise you cannot keep

12. The tongue can take you to both heaven and hell

13. Real pleasure is in giving

14. Manners are the key to a good character and common courtesies further strengthen it

15. Don’t view this world from your own vision as it’s too narrow, try to imagine it from God’s viewpoint

16. Be thankful to God for all his blessings he gave without you even asking

17. Prayers are the most important pillar of religion and deserve absolute devotion and dedication

18. Asking good questions is as important as anything else and keep up a good conversation

19. Learn to handle temptations, they are not everlasting and controlling them has big rewards

20. Through experience, learn to make good decision and seek wisdom


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