How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

Dr Charles made a fish of iron. In Cambodian society, a fish is considered to be a symbol of good luck. He designed that fish in a very smart way that whenever put in the cooking pot, it releases iron accurate quantity.

He explained the recipe of getting iron through cooking.

“Heat up the water along with iron fish for minimum 10 minutes. This releases the iron effectively. Then take out the iron fish from the pot and add some lemon juice. Lemon works great in order to absorb the iron.”

So, this was the recipe. Dr. says, if you use this iron fish in a proper way, you could get enough iron of your daily recommended intake.

This experiment was done on hundreds of Cambodian villagers and it was showed that who used iron fish in the recommended way was no long anaemic after one year. So, it works more than a tablet or supplements.

The head of the international Public Health Department, Professor Imelda Bates says that the iron fish is a healthy development. She added that these sorts of developments are much better than iron tablets that are horrifying. If iron fish increase the iron level in the human body, moreover if it is acceptable by the society and not costly, then it is a great benefit.

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