How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

For now, almost 2500 Cambodian families are using the iron fish. The Lucky Iron Fish Company has circulated 9000 iron fish in hospitals and private organisations all over the Cambodia.

Dr Charles is happy because his invention is widely accepted by the most of the villagers. Cambodian people like the smiling fish that is 3 inch long and weighs 200 grams.

One of the women and her daughter, who are the current trial participants told BBC that their blood test report have told that they are anaemic because of iron deficiency. They are going to use this iron fish and soon they will be healthy.

Anaemia in World

The WHO has declared that over 30 percent of the whole world population is anaemic because of iron deficiency. At individual or country level, there is a need to stop this iron deficiency. If the rate of this iron deficiency reduced, we could restore individual’s health as well as we can increase productivity at national level by 20 percent.

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