How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

But there is one more thing you need to know. There are other forms of anaemia exist. This could be because of vitamin B12 and vitamin A deficiency. A parasitic infection like malaria may also be the reason behind it.

Professor Bates says that anaemia gets more complicated if it not because of iron deficiency.

She added that it is the end product of many health problems. It is no doubt a multi-factorial issue. In developing countries, getting an accurate blood test report is also an issue itself.

Only Rice Diet?

Dr Charles says that the basic reason behind having an iron deficiency in Cambodia is the poor lifestyle or unhealthy poor food.

He explained that Cambodian people have a very poor diet. They only take a small plate of rice sometimes with a small piece of fish. They take this meal twice a day. Of course, this doesn’t fulfil their nutritional requirements.

They do not use iron-rich meals like red meat, green and leafy vegetables. Vegetables are not much rich in iron if they are over cooked.

The Lucky Iron Fish Company has planned to spread the fish all over the world including America, Canada and Europe. But there is another question.