How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

Should everyone use this fish that is made of recycled car parts?

The experts believe that there is no reason to use this fish as a daily routine, if you belong to a developed country. If you can get iron-rich fresh food easily, you should not use this fish. In developed countries, iron pills and the iron rich food is easily accessible for pregnant women and vegetarians.

How iron deficiency affect your body?

Iron deficiency leads to the reduction of red blood cells in the human body. In general, iron is the main source of red blood cells production. It also helps in storing and carrying oxygen in the blood. If red blood cells are reduced to the normal quantity, your tissues and other organs would not be able to get sufficient oxygen. As a result, you will get tired soon. You may also have a pale complexion and breathing issue with heart palpitations.

If you do not cure it at the right time, you will become an easy prey for illness and infections. Anaemia is the reason for which 20 percent of pregnant women lose their lives. So pregnant women, newborn and children should also take care if they have iron deficiency.

Take one Lucky Iron Fish