You never knew this About Australia- No. 5 is shocking

You never knew this About Australia- No. 5 is shocking

5. The problems with snakes don’t just end there. A huge snake was even photographed precariously dangling on the Airplane’s wing which headed from Australia to Papua New Guinea (Jan 2013). Despite taking quite a lot of beating on the way, to everyone’s surprise, it survived the long journey and proved what they are really capable of.

AU 5
Snake clings to Qantas plane’s wing during flight (Image Source)

6. Snakes and Crocs aren’t the only crazy animals out there in Australia. You must be ready to encounter all sorts of other animals as well. As seen in the photo taken while surfing, one can clearly see a great white shark just crossing the paths with the surfer.

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Image Source

7. Australia’s another crazy sea animal is the Reef Stonefish which is also among the world’s most dangerous and exists in abundance alongside Australia’s coast. The fish can camouflage and has barbed spikes which are guaranteed to send you to the hospital if you step on it. Australia’s waters are also home to gigantic jellyfish. Although uncommon, you’d never want to step onto such sticky creature. If that’s not enough you should see the blue-ringed octopus that is not only deadly but there also doesn’t exist any anti-venom for its bite.

AU 7
Reef Stonefish (Image Source)