Methods People Use to Cheat in Casinos- Just have knowledge

Validator Device for Slot Machine Bill

Cheating methods using the slot machines have gotten more intricate. Some years ago, the cheaters used a piece of string and a paper clip on the old slot machines. More recently, the cheaters use a bill validator to deceive the slot machines. This bill validator is a minute computer device usually camouflaged as a $1 bill. Once the bill validator is placed in the machine, the slot machine identifies it as a $100 bill. Nevertheless, this method is not common as casinos have found ways to prevent it.

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Marking Cards

Marking of cards is another common scam used in casinos. There are various methods to mark cards. These methods include scratching it and marking with infrared. The cards are usually marked before the game or during the competition. The player, therefore, uses the marked cards to his advantage.

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