Old Age Love and Romance

By the time we both reach our retirement age, in oneness we will relocate to another good place for the two of us, a small house that will be enough for just the two of us. Then, I will never wish to stay away from her for too long. We will travel and live together in unity and not separately, we will take a daily walk both in the morning and evening times. We will have our breakfast after walking together either in the park or on the beach. I’m sure she will not be shy, or you think she will? I will then ensure she take her pills after breakfast. We will be together in our bedroom enjoying the afternoons as well as the nights, reminding her of how we did during our honeymoon days? Personally, I will make tea without sugar for her. We will take our lunch and dinner together feeding her by my hand. We will not cease having candle-lights at night.