Ten 5 Minute hairstyles perfect when you’re rushing to work on a busy day


How many women face this mega problem of not having time to do your hair in the morning? Your Alarm rings on time but you get up 15 minutes later. What transpires next would put an express train to shame. You just rush through brushing your teeth, dressing, dab on some makeup which may be just some lipstick and eye liner, gobble down a bowl of cereal and coffee and rush out to work. But wait!!! What about your hair, you don’t want to go to work looking like the wicked witch of the west do you?

Yes we all know there’s no time, but take a look at these fast paced hairstyles. You’ll definitely have a few minutes for these as it takes just that!! Check out these 10 five minute hairstyles for a busy morning.

1 The All Famous Double Twisted Bun

Thank god for the Bun, it’s just what you need to look cool and neat too. Just a few sinple flicks of your wrist and your fingers and voila your all set.

Famous Double Twisted Bun

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2 The Low Knot

Just separate two strands, tie a knot and make a bun, yup you’re all set for work

The Low Knot

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3 French Braid With Twisted Knot

Want to go a bit exotic then try the French braid with a twisted know, looks cute and perfect. Takes just five minutes.

French Braid With Twisted Knot

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4 French Twisted Bun

Here’s another Frenchie style for you. The French twisted long bun. Looks great for work and easy too.

French Twisted Bun

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5 Triple Twisted Ponytail

This is good for just about anywhere. Late for a date just flip and twist. Looks sexy too when matched with a pair of shorts and cute top

Triple Twisted Ponytail

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6 The Black Bow Look

Among five minute hairstyles, this may seem a bit long in the image but it is actually quite fast when you get the knack of it. If you have a roommate then there’s nothing like it. She does your hair, you do hers, it’s simple really.

The Black Bow Look

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7 The Divine Caroline Braid

This is a classic and can easily be perfected by you. Ideal when you have really long hair

The Divine Caroline Braid

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8 Tuck and Cover

Now this is another simple but beautiful look which is so surprisingly fast. You need a band of course to make this cute chignon. Perfect for a busy Monday morning.

Tuck and Cover

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9 Clothes Line Bow

If you have luscious locks this will make the perfect look for you. It’s brilliant, easy and makes you look beautiful too

Clothes Line Bow

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10 The Long Hair Bow

Another five minute hairstyle you could perfect in less than five minutes. Picture this with a denim shirt, lacy shorts and converse. Well not a suitable dressing style for work but you can improvise for that killer look.

The Long Hair Bow

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