9 Spectacular and amazing Geographical facts of the Earth you never knew

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The mysteries of our planet are yet to be unlocked. Earth is a treasure trove of the most amazing geographical phenomena that can enthrall you with its mesmerizing beauty. From the Northern lights to the magical islands of the Caribbean our planet never fails to deliver in terms of natural and spectacular wonders. Take a look at 9 stunning and mysterious geographical facts of the earth.

1 The Chamarel plain in Mauritius and its sand dunes of seven colors

Located in the Riviere Noire District of South Western Mauritius, the area is famous for sand dunes all made up of seven different colors. The colors are prominent when the sunlight hits the dunes. The phenomenon is a result of molten volcanic rock cooled by varying temperatures over time.

The Chamarel plain in Mauritius
Image Source: www.peru.com

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