9 Spectacular and amazing Geographical facts of the Earth you never knew

9 Spectacular and amazing Geographical facts of the Earth you never knew


The mysteries of our planet are yet to be unlocked. Earth is a treasure trove of the most amazing geographical phenomena that can enthrall you with its mesmerizing beauty. From the Northern lights to the magical islands of the Caribbean our planet never fails to deliver in terms of natural and spectacular wonders. Take a look at 9 stunning and mysterious geographical facts of the earth.

1 The Chamarel plain in Mauritius and its sand dunes of seven colors

Located in the Riviere Noire District of South Western Mauritius, the area is famous for sand dunes all made up of seven different colors. The colors are prominent when the sunlight hits the dunes. The phenomenon is a result of molten volcanic rock cooled by varying temperatures over time.

The Chamarel plain in Mauritius

Image Source: www.peru.com

2 Russia is spreads over 11 different time zones

Russia is such a large country that when people eat breakfast at 7am on one end of Russia, the other end may be retiring to bed or having an evening snack at 6pm. When one side of Russia has morning breakfast at 7 am; the other side enjoys evening snacks at 6 pm. Russia is spread over 17,075,200 sq km and over 11 time zones.

Russia is spreads over 11 different time zones

Image Source: www.affairstoday.co.uk

3 Russia contains 20% of non frozen fresh water on the planet

75% of fresh water on earth is stored in glaciers. Moreover 20% of non frozen fresh water on the planet is stored in Lake Baikal in Russia. If all of the 15 million sq km of glaciers covering the planet melts, sea levels will rise by 70 meters. Lake Baikal alone spreads over 31,722 sq meters and resembles a sea rather than a lake.

Russia contains 20% of non frozen fresh water on the planet

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4 Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee USA was created by three earthquakes

Among mysterious geographical facts in 1811 and 1812 three earthquakes shook New Madrid violently. The third one struck with a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale which then formed a basin that resulted in the creation of Lake Reelfoot in Tiptonville, Tenessee. The impact of the earthquakes also caused the Mississippi river to flow backwards although scientists verified that it was an illusion caused by northwest moving water waves.

Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee USA

Image Source: www.sitemason.com

5 Point Nemo, The furthest point from any terrestrial life

Point Nemo is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is 2,688 km away from the nearest Landmass. It is also known as the ocean pole of inaccessibility being the ocean point farthest from any land. The nearest landmass is Ducie Island, Easter Island and Maher Island. It is also called the spacecraft cemetery as it is used for dumping decommissioned satellites and spacecraft.

Point Nemo

Image Source: www.redbull.com

6 The Appalachian Mountains are shrinking

While the Appalachian Mountains are shrinking, the Himalayan Mountains are growing. The Appalachians run from Alabama to New York and had been formed 480 million years ago. Because of erosion, the range is shrinking considerably where the highest peak is Mount Mitchell at 6,684 meters. The Himalayas on the other hand is growing because of the collision of India into southern Asia. The Himalayan mountain range is growing at the rate of 5mm annually.

The Appalachian Mountains are shrinking

Image Source: www.theclymb.com

7 The Dingo fence in Australia

The Dingo fence in Australia measures 3,500 miles long built between 1880 to 1885. It was built to prevent Dingoes or wild dogs from entering the southeastern part of Australia where sheep rearing is a major occupation. The Dingo fence is currently the largest man made fence in the world. A major part of the fence is located in Queensland where it is called the Great Barrier Fence.

 The Dingo fence in Australia

Image Source: www.theundergroundmotel.com.au

8 The Pacific Ocean

Stretching over an area of 165.25 million sq km, the world’s largest ocean lies between The US, Asia and Australia. The amazing factor of the Pacific is that it is antipodal in nature which means it has certain points having their own hemisphere with points diametrically opposite to each other. In effect if a person ventures into the pacific and travels straight through its core exiting on the other side of the earth, he would still be in the Pacific.

The Pacific Ocean

Image Source: www.imgur.com

9 The Er Wang Dong Cave has its own unique weather system inside it

Perhaps the most mysterious geographical facts, both the Er Wan Dong cave and the Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam have independent weather systems existing inside the caves. ER Wang Dong with a depth of 441 even has its own vegetation native to the cave atmosphere. Hang Son Dong in Vietnam located on the Laos –Vietnam border is the world’s largest known cave passage cross section with its own vegetation, weather system and even a flowing river.

The Er Wang Dong Cave

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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