9 Spectacular and amazing Geographical facts of the Earth you never knew

5 Point Nemo, The furthest point from any terrestrial life

Point Nemo is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is 2,688 km away from the nearest Landmass. It is also known as the ocean pole of inaccessibility being the ocean point farthest from any land. The nearest landmass is Ducie Island, Easter Island and Maher Island. It is also called the spacecraft cemetery as it is used for dumping decommissioned satellites and spacecraft.

Point Nemo
Image Source: www.redbull.com

6 The Appalachian Mountains are shrinking

While the Appalachian Mountains are shrinking, the Himalayan Mountains are growing. The Appalachians run from Alabama to New York and had been formed 480 million years ago. Because of erosion, the range is shrinking considerably where the highest peak is Mount Mitchell at 6,684 meters. The Himalayas on the other hand is growing because of the collision of India into southern Asia. The Himalayan mountain range is growing at the rate of 5mm annually.

The Appalachian Mountains are shrinking
Image Source: www.theclymb.com