9 Spectacular and amazing Geographical facts of the Earth you never knew

7 The Dingo fence in Australia

The Dingo fence in Australia measures 3,500 miles long built between 1880 to 1885. It was built to prevent Dingoes or wild dogs from entering the southeastern part of Australia where sheep rearing is a major occupation. The Dingo fence is currently the largest man made fence in the world. A major part of the fence is located in Queensland where it is called the Great Barrier Fence.

 The Dingo fence in Australia
Image Source: www.theundergroundmotel.com.au

8 The Pacific Ocean

Stretching over an area of 165.25 million sq km, the world’s largest ocean lies between The US, Asia and Australia. The amazing factor of the Pacific is that it is antipodal in nature which means it has certain points having their own hemisphere with points diametrically opposite to each other. In effect if a person ventures into the pacific and travels straight through its core exiting on the other side of the earth, he would still be in the Pacific.

The Pacific Ocean
Image Source: www.imgur.com