These awesome arched houses are just what you need for your vacations

2 A look inside the houses

A look inside the houses
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These houses are marked safe for 150 mph winds and over 30 PSF of snow. They are built with sturdy material and shippable to 48 states including Alaska and even to Canada. “In our time building Arched Cabins we have seen them used for everything you can think of, including workshops, animal shelters, vacation homes, RV shelters, retirement homes, and hunting lodges. No matter what your need is, an Arched Cabin can be adapted to suit you,” according to the company website.

A look inside the houses1
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The smallest of cabins are priced under $1,000 before shipping and upgrades. The 12X24 one costs $5,000 for basics. The company will ship and build the home for you, wherever you want them build. They are great as playhouses for kids, shelters for animals and outhouses. All the houses build will adhere to the building codes and are completely safe for the inhabitants of the house. The owner can get many upgrades added to the houses, including interiors, but it will increase the price of the house.

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