Don’t discard your change, your spare coins can actually cool down your laptop, find out how!

Regardless of technology, every laptop owner understands what it’s like after using a Laptop for more than 30 minutes, it heats up to the point of making its use unbearable as it could well even burn your lap. Even if you are using your laptop on a table, it still heats up and looks as if it could catch fire any moment.

What can be done in such circumstances? Not everyone has the means to purchase expensive. Coolers for laptops and the usual fans or special tables hardly work if you know what I mean. Well here’s a great solution for using coins to cool laptops and it actually works.

1 Does your laptop heat up like it’s about to catch fire?

So your laptop is heating like crazy? Well welcome to the club. Every Laptop regardless of its sophistication heats up and here’s an amazing solution but first you’ll need a whole bunch of coins.

This is one trick that can substitute for a temporary solution in cooling laptops until technology invents the best one.

Does your laptop heat up like it’s about to catch fire
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2 Here’s a simple but unique solution. Just a bunch of coins

This unique solution of using coins to cool laptops was invented by Japanese singer Akinori Suzuki who found out that stacking a whole bunch of coins in a straight line behind the keyboard actually cooled the laptop down but how?
Well!! It’s simple science really. Copper is great at absorbing heat and since most coins are made from copper, using pennies ion a line on your laptop solves your heating problem.

put bunch of coins laptop
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3 Now start collecting your change

It’s a real cool solution. If you live in the US, you could use quarters and nickels which would best suit the purpose. So instead of throwing them away or discarding them, save up your pennies, nickels and dimes and position them in a line on your laptop. That will prevent the heating and cool your laptop down. Coins for cooling laptops are indeed one of the most innovative inventions that is getting to be a craze globally.

Now start collecting your change
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