Raising kids isn't an easy task, here are some funny facts about raising kids

Raising kids isn’t an easy task, here are some funny facts about raising kids


Whoever said that raising kids leaves you feeling blissed out at all times, needs to seriously differentiate between facts and fiction! Having said that, one cannot take away the fact that naughty kids with a mischievous gleam in their eye, manage to turn parent’s into spies. And what follows later is a chain of hilarious incidents, making one laugh fondly even in the later years when the kids are all grown up. Coming up is a train of incidents to keep you guffawing heartily. So fasten your seat belts as you read on.

1 Kids can be brutally honest

I remember the time when 5 year old Ethan went to see a paediatrician for a check up and just as the doctor began to ask him questions regarding his symptoms, Ethan declared that this doctor was a small doctor and that he wanted to consult the topmost doctor in the department. Ethan’s parent’s were startled and could not suppress their laughter for long.

Kids can be brutally honest

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2 Kids ask you questions which you have no answer for

Little Mark always had one question for his parent’s, to which they could never find an answer. He would repeatedly ask who would win, if lion and tiger were to fight. As he was only 4 years old then, his dad would escape the situation by muttering, “I will ask them and tell you.” Little did he know that Mark would be counting days before presenting that question again?

 Kids ask you questions which you have no answer for

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3 They do the very things you have warned them not to do

Little Irma’s mother was going in for a shower and had repeatedly shown the 3 year old not to bolt the door of the washroom from outside, as she wanted to be within reach in case of an emergency. But as soon as she went in and began to bathe, she heard a sound and shakily figured out that Irma had just locked her from outside. Panic stricken Mary tried to talk her toddler into opening the latch, but Irma began to cry. It was much later that her neighbour somehow managed to break open the door when Mary breathed a sigh of relief.

Kids can be brutally honest

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4 They are the first ones to innocently expose facts about your family

Jordan’s father had just returned home after a hectic day at work and wanted nothing more than a cup of tea and some quiet. Just then someone rang the door bell and a flustered Henry asked his wife Norma to politely send off visitors if they wanted to meet him. No sooner had Norma opened the door, little Jordan Smiled and squeaked in delight mouthing loudly, “ Dahdy is right in the room but duz not want to meet ya…mommy is telling lies.” The visitor scampered out of there as an embarrassed Mary looked on.

kids innocently expose parents

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5 Leave kids alone with the dog and watch the dog run for its life

Selena had to run an important errand and she had no choice but to leave their toddler Erica with her husband Jamie and their dog Casper wasn’t too excited about this. As soon as Jamie got busy in his work, Erica would pull Casper’s tail, pinch his ears, push him, sit on him and continue such antics till a frightened Casper would seek his favourite hiding spot under the couch. Jamie would be oblivious of the happenings while poor Casper struggled to save his skin.

We are sure this made you laugh heartily, in gay abandon. There is not a single dull moment when you have a child on board. So all you anxious parent’s out there: it’s about time you loosened that grip and enjoyed the antics of your mischievous kids. There’s always time to don the architects hat later.

Leave kids alone with the dog

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