These iPhone 7cs concepts will stun you with its brilliant features

These iPhone 7cs concepts will stun you with its brilliant features


Apple’s iPhone 7 is coming next week and while apple fans the world over wait impatiently to grab Apple’s latest offering, what is most interesting to take a look at is Michael Muleba’s amazing vision of iPhone concepts that have us looking into the future.

The new rendering of iphone 7cs concepts has caught hold of the internet and every iPhone over is lapping it up. Evolved from the iPhone 5c, Muleba has conceived some great features for the iPhone. So take a look.

1 20 Multi Colored Meta Casings

If Apple were to revamp its entire C lineup this is definitely what may be on the offering. The iPhone render has 20 multi colored Meta casings with a fantastic 64 GB of internal storage which is crazy for any phone. An integrated dual camera will no doubt be top spot for selfie freaks.

Multi Colored Meta Casings

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2 A New Concept for Notifications Alert

A unique concept from Muleba is the notifications alert which makes the apple logo light up when you get a message. No more will you need to worry about cable charging, the iPhone 7cs concepts goes wireless even with headphone connection. That’s something we have all been wanting for a long time. Moreover, the beats acoustics are an additional feature that is present with the beats logo. It will be a pleasure to hear with various options for music clarity.

A New Concept for Notifications Alert

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3 Could well be the world’s slimmest phone in the real world

The iPhone 7 cs render is definitely slim and is possibly the slimmest in the world. It features the edgeless look and is made from glass which could well be the latest corning Gorilla glass 5. A Meta case is somewhat a customized case and in the iPhone render, it has multiple hues as mentioned earlier.

However buttones seem to be moved toward the upper part of the phone and the screen size seems to have been reduced abit, but in totality, the iPhone 7cs concepts are fantastic and are features that Apple should take note of as they would make great selling points for the phone.

Could well be the world’s slimmest

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