Check out these 15 stunning photos of parent-kid at the same age

Do you like being told “hey!! You look just like your dad!!” Do you take that as a compliment or does it make you feel awkward. While may love the fact that they look like their parents, some may actually not. Regardless of your preferences there are instances where parent-child resemblances are so strikingly similar at certain ages, it would be hard to tell the difference.

Some people are the spitting image of their parents at a particular age as you can see from these amazing photographs of parents-kid resemblances.

1 Father and Son

Who’s the father and whose the son could you guess? There’s no denying they both look good though.

Father and Son
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2 Mom and Daughter

Would this gal really be annoyed that she looks like her mom? They both look simply cute and angelic. The eyes particularly are most expressive.

Mom and Daughter
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3 Father-Daughter, Who’s Cuter?

This is a real classic and they both look so cute. I’m sure she has no complaints that she looks like her dad.

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4 Mother and Daughter and Haircut Too!

This is such an uncanny parent-kid resemblance that even the haircut is cropped the same way. A beautiful picture though.

Mother and Daughter
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5 Mom – Daughter Cuteness Personified

This definitely makes you go awww! They both not only look alike they are so exceptionally cute and Mommy too!!

Cuteness Personified
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6 An Identical Expression. That’s Priceless

Isn’t this photograph remarkable? Both father and son have the same expression, that’s cute and weird at the same time.

An Identical Expression
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7 Dad and His Pet and Those Beautiful Curls

That beautiful smile is so strikingly similar there’s no pointing out the differences in this one.

Dad and His Pet
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8 Father And Daughter The Perfect Example Of Happiness

This is truly the height of cuteness. Both dad and his little gal look so alike and those two cute front teeth certainly lights up the smiles in this one.

Father And Daughter The Perfect Example Of Happiness
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9 No These Aren’t Twins

These two look like identical twins but they are actually father and daughter. An uncanny resemblance.

No These Aren’t Twins
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10 Father and Son Both Handsome Guys

Aren’t the both of them handsome and watch the pose, it’s the same.

Father and Son Both Handsome Guys
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11 Father, Son and Grandson

This is truly classic and both father and son look the same too. It seems the photo is just an improved version of the older one. Fantastic resemblance.

Son and Grandson
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12 Identical Twins Again? NO Its Dad and Son

This is almost strange the way this dad and son look like twins even when grown up.

Identical Twins Again
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13 The Most Adorable Pic Ever

Father and daughter look absolutely adorable here and there’s no mistaking that identical smile.

The Most Adorable Pic Ever
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14 Dad with The Same Curly Hair

Perfect example of parent-kids resemblances. Both Pictures have been taken on birthdays and they both have that distinct curly hair and identical features.

Dad with The Same Curly Hair
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15 Mom and Son

At first glance it isn’t hard to regard this as the same picture but it’s actually mom and son just look at those lovely eyelashes.

Mom and Son
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