12 Super trolls that will make you ROFL

12 Super trolls that will make you ROFL


Where would we get our daily dosage of internet laughter without trolls? The moment you open any social media platform, there are there as large as life and though they are as sarcastic as possible, you can’t help being amused.

Among the multitude of trolls on the net, some stand out as classic and behind them are some deviously creative minds too. Take a look at the best trolls to make you ROFL.

1 He Takes the Cake

This guy takes the cake. Although his mischievous plot can well have serious consequences, you have to admire the ingenious of his crazy mind. Imagine confusing air travelers like that.

confusing air travelers

Image Source: www.peacefulcentury.net

2 Crazy Mirror Stunt

Imagine yourself walking up the stairs to see that. At first glance none would think it to be a mirror; you can well picture a lot of stumbling and tripping on that step.

Crazy Mirror Stunt

Image Source: www.peacefulcentury.net

3 One big weirdo

This guy certainly gets a kick out of trolling people if he actually builds half a boat.

One big weirdo

Image Source: www.barnorama.com

4 Even squirrels like their share of fun

This squirrel seems to be one crazy guy. He actually got his head stuck in a Halloween mask. Imagine the horror of those passing by.

Even squirrels like their share of fun

Image Source: www.thatviralfeedcdn.com

5 The classic dollar bill troll

This is a classic troll. How many of us have done similar pranks like this in childhood.

dollar bill troll

Image Source: www.elitereaders.com

6 The height of Aggravation

This guy certainly has guts. Thankfully he didn’t get socked.

height of Aggravation

Image Source: www.diply.com

7 The know it all professor

This professor certainly knows how to pinpoint the stupid’s. At first you may not get it, but it’s for those who don’t now the answers. That’s a hint for a way out.


Image Source: www.peacefulcentury.net

8 Trolling social media sites

Now this is one troll every reader would simply love. What with all the social media news sites and their corny headlines, ‘NO 2 will amaze you” “this will shock you” and “that will leave you speechless”

Trolling social media sites

Image Source: www.scoooops.com

9 How doctors make a point

If that sign doesn’t say it all then what does. Obsessive compulsive disorders, did you see the sign?? It’s shifted.

How doctors make a point

Image Source: www.diply.com

10 Even Presidents can’t resist the trolling prank bug

Here’s President Obama and it seems he just couldn’t resist putting his foot on the weighing machine.

trolling prank bug

Image Source: www.thatviralfeedcdn.com

11 Even Leonardo wasn’t spared

Believe it or not, Leo boy was being actually trolled by an anonymous celeb who had won an Oscar.

Even Leonardo wasn’t spared

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

12 And of course everyone just loves trolling the bieber Maam

Who doesn’t like trolling Justin Bieber, the guy can’t “make up” his mind but he certainly makes up his lips like a pretty boy.

trolling the bieber Maam

Image Source: www.memecdn.com

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